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Styling A Wee Teaser Of My Car - Lovely


Oct 9, 2005
Ok after puttin all my painted bits in my in car neons the undercar neons i can say my car is looking SMART!!!!! :devil: just one lil tease ill take more tonight when i go out :) hehe

what ya think??

Matt:devil: :devil:
GT centre console...cut your gear knob down a couple of inches and it would improve the look no end

Not to my taste at all but each to their own
Yeah gearstick is something im gonna try do over the weekend :) the centre console as well going to take it off and spray red :D hehe

-= Meeting a friend 2night who does photos for a lvls at college so he got a desent camra!! so gonan pick him up go to a car park and get some good pics of my car in the dark so ill post them on here late 2night or 2morro =-
yeah cant wait not rly had a good play with them yet :) so ripping up a car park in teh dark should be a good giggle :D OH YEAH :devil: :devil: cant wait! just watching the skys now waiting for darkness :D:devil:
Oh now that is nice!!! ok need to find me one of them!!! where the best place to find a scrapy yard? is there a website with them all on lol
ive looked on google for my area but cant seem to find ne :( ggrrrr but that centre is nice:devil:

search for car dismantlers, it'll be under the category "car & commercial vehicle dismantlers"

where abouts in the country are u from?

You'll need to find an ELX/Sporting/GT, but iirc some have lighter/darker dash colourings.

3 and 5 door models are the same, so either will fit.
lol yeah saw that on ebay at lunch lol woudl neva pay that much! hehe :) ill do it myself at the weekend :devil: