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General A technical questin at last!


May 31, 2005

I'vejust bought a 903cc "F" plate on ebay,good bodywork etc. the only prob is its the autobianchi lump and not the fire unit which are either 750cc or 1000cc. To be honest i'm not fussed about changing the lump as i have much larger 2000cc plans:eek: so its going anyway, but in the meantime i was wanting to know is it a straight swap to a 1000cc fire lump on that box or not?
cn get the lump changed out in an evening coz i want to go turbo 1242 8v :slayer: and that has the same bolt pattern as the 1000cc.
BTW have any of you visited the "smokeme" turbo panda sites?
Answers on a postcard to the usual place:D
I'm not sure (y) I'm afraid, whether the fire will fit onto your gearbox (although somebody on here will know, I'm certain).
I've always changed the lump'n'box as one. 'Tis a very quick job to do. If you're allowing a day and have some experience, you'll walk it !
ok then, sounds fair.
what about linkages to gearstick? same?
in that case (y) anyone got a 1242 lump and 1000 box going beggin or 1242 box too?
Now there's the rub... Linkages from a 4box to a 5box WILL give you problems, but if you're changing the block'n'box as one, fitting the shift gear will be a doddle to you.:)
I have seen on this site that the 903 & Fire have different bolt patterns on the gearbox so will not be a straight swap but as said engine & box together is an easier concept. It took us about six & a half hours to change engine & box over at the weekend & that included changing a clutch and getting it started to check the timing and it was a 4x4 so included removing the prop additional lever etc. I'm not sure about the levers but would imagine they would be the same as above if it was 5sp to 5sp
pandafan said:
Alan !
Six and a half hours ?
What are you doing next week ?

Probably working :(

If anyone needs help with anything and I have the time no prob.
petebarchetta said:
ok then, sounds fair.
what about linkages to gearstick? same?
in that case (y) anyone got a 1242 lump and 1000 box going beggin or 1242 box too?

The Punto box can be fitted if you are willing to spend quite some time for modifying the rest (drive shafts, gear linkage etc.). The 1242 in a FIRE Panda I have done a number of times, which is not so much of a problem.

Fitting the FIRE gearbox (769, 999 or 1108) requires again the drive shafts, gearlinkage, mounts etc.
old school!
is that the six cog box? or just the five?
how difficult is it to fit the 1242 and associated box to the panda? will the same mounts fit or do you have ti change the 1000cc mounts onto the 1242 block etc?
Alan.D said:
What do you need doing Tony ?
well as soon as I get an answer about compatibilty of speedo cables from various panda models I will sort the rat powered dash out, swap the suspension on all 4 corners to brand spanking new dampers... paint the springs :) ... fit the radio and fix the speakers properly... they are stuck to the outer panels using the magnets at the moment. and that's about it. afternoons work really.
D'ye Know ... I've completely lost track of this thread again, must be time for my Horlicks....NURSE !:sleep: