A Sexy lil Mixed Drink U must try !!!

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A Sexy lil Mixed Drink U must try !!!

Sep 16, 2006
mate tole me it its a beautiful

get a pint glass

get a Blue WKD and a Iron bru WKD

put half of each into the glass and it turns GREEN dont be put off by it its a beautiful drink

im drinking it now

have a try and tell me what u think or if you already tryed it let me know what think

i think its a sexy lil drink lol :)
What is this mix called?

WKD tastes like an ice pop that has been left on the side lol.

The Iron Bru one is nice though. Don't fancy that with the Blue one though to be honest...:yuck:
WKD's they are like drinking pop

Thats why ypu add half a pint of lager together with a Blue WKD or Smirnoff Ice. BLoody lovely drink it is!

Incredible hulk and turbo shandy ftw! ;)
Isn't this skittles?

I've had one blue wkd orange reef n smirnoff ice. Ok for one pint but sickly after that
you type like you have had 20 of these drinks, and if you're looking for a tasty non alcoholic alternative green drink then mix Pepsi with blue Slush Puppy :D

We used to serve them at the under 18s SNAP disco at the leisure centre i used to work at
There a similar one called Bubblegum.

Had this exact drink in an Englsih bar in spain a couple of months back. Only priblem with it, is that you drink it all day and because it is just so refreshing and tastes non alcholic, u end up slaughtered and not being able to walk home..

Only make one or two jugs at a time... its very deceptive..

Also, add a pineapple breezer into the mix.. works a treat.