A New fiat owners problems

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A New fiat owners problems


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Feb 6, 2006
Ok i have a few problems on my 1998 Fiat Punto.

Its white, ok i know, not the best colour, but for the price, it was the best car I could afford, not looking to be a rev head, but there are a few things I would like to get sorted, and I dont have a lot of money, couple that with my knowledge, or lack therein of cars, this could be tricky.

Ok. Firstly, there are a few paint chips, minute really, on the bonnet, which i would like to get rid of. I have tried T-Cut, and will again, but is there anything else I could try?

Secondly, the rear window wiper, is either broken or the cable is, as when I turn it on, on the the control column, it doesnt move :p What is the best course of action - I have seen motors for like £15 on ebay.... but obviously I will check the fuse :p

And lastly, I think the exhaust is blowing, in the middle, is this easy to fix????

Ok, now I sound like a bit of a novice/idiot, but please help where you can.

Many Thanks

1) There is a reputable mobile company called 'chips away' who would sort out your paint chips

The rest i cant help ya with :p

But welcome to FF
Think you may need to replace the exhaust soon if it's blowing. I'm not really in the know but it happened in my mk1 Punto, which just fell off while doing 70 on the motor way!:eek: and my Bravo, which was very heavily rusted.

Get someone to have a look, unless you want see those sparks fly!

Hope you enjoy your Punto!
No, as far as I can tell, by merely driving it, its a smooth, and nice drive, much better than my last car, some crappy french Citroen AX, god i hated that thing sooooo much.

Cheers on the headsup for the chips, and exhaust guys, I have a months warranty, so I will give them a call tomorrow.

Also, a further point, is that the wheel nuts are all rusty, and the wheel hubcaps are all nasty so I would like to change them all, but the Caps wont come off until you take off the nuts. So I think its an all in job. So any suggestions on where I could look up for the fiat nuts as it were :p

oooh, and I have a crack in the rear light thingy, for which I have ordered a new light reflector box thing, basically the whole light reflector that surrounds the lights on the rear left. So how do I get the old one off/put the new one on????

If anyone has the Haynes Manual or a diagram/description of how to replace, if you could scan & PDF/send it me, I would be eternally grateful - [email protected]
It would be worth buying a Haynes yourself, as there's laods of info in them. Sometimes come up on ebay, or get from Amazon cheaper than Halfrauds.

On my Mk2 the rear lights were removed with two 17mm nuts from inside the car and boot. There ought to be a tool for it in the spare wheel tool-kit.

Has your car got a good service history? Cam belt changes? New tyres? If the nuts are rusty the tyres may be geting on a bit. 5 years is a recomended life of a tyre (mine wear out well under that!)
thats a good point.

I think it has some service history, and the dealer said it had, had its cambelt changed. the Tyres have a lot of tred left in them, so I presume that they are fairly new (ish)

Cheers on the heads up for the nuts for removing the lights. Hopefully it should be the same on mine.
Ooh now I have some problems ;)

Exhaust is blowing, so I am going to get that sorted today, but also, driving to work this morning, I stopped at a roundabout, searched for 1st gear, nadda, nothing, not gears at all. The car hadnt stalled or anything, but it just wouldnt go into gear, no matter how much I pumped and stood on the clutch!!!! So, pushed it off to the side of the road, turned off the engine, started it again, and rammed it into gear!!!! But the clutch has been heavy since I bought it, i just thought it was a fiat thing, but you nearly have to STAND on the puppy to get it in gear.

Anyone help????? Is this a clutch or a gearbox thing?
cheers matey

Appreciate it! am going through the process of Trading Standards etc to get the ****er to pay - DONT BUY FROM LONGFORD CAR SALES!!!!

See my other thread.