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General A Better Stereo System?


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Mar 21, 2007
Hello, I'm looking into a new system for my 100HP. Just on standard at mo'.
So i really want to make a difference focusing on quality of sound not bothered about heavy heavy bass. So a few questions for the patient out there! I have around £400. First i can't decide about just changing speakers or changing head unit too. I like the idea of a different unit and although sound is important so is the look, after looking at a few pics a single din unit just doesn't seem to like right. Maybe i'm just not looking at the right stuff? Does anyone have a double din unit? Is it easy enough to fit? And does anyone know anything about these navman units i keep seeing in foreign cars and concept cars? looks pretty good. I wil be very greatful for any help on this! :)
I have a Clarion double-DIN HU in my 100HP.
Just follow the link in my sig for pictures.
Looks good, where did you get the fascia from? Think i'm gonna save up what i can til new year and do it right. Thought about sound deadening material but that might be a little adventurous for me! im sure there are real benefits travelling all the time on the motorway though. Anyone else got even a single din unit that looks like a worthy replacement cd player?
I got the fascia from a well known caraudio shop here in Denmark, so I imagine any caraudio shop in the UK could get it (if they are decent shop).
It's made to be used with Clarion double-DIN HU, but i'm sure other companies have similar fascias for their HU.
I've got the standard headunit with fusion componants up front (yet to fit the rear ones back in) and it sounds nice, depends how far you're willing to go, had a look at double dins on the internet but the ones around my price range look a bit naff, then theres the loosing steering controls thing......decisions decisions lol
Kenwood do some pretty sweet looking Double DIN touchscreen headunits....if its the road you want to go down might be worth saving for. DVD, satnav the works (y)
In a few weeks i will get(buy) the new Clarion FB278RBT.
It is a 1-din radio so i will convert my dashboard a little.
I already bought that front for a 1-din radio.
The radio only works with SD cards so i don't need any CD's anymore.

@ Santa: By the way great setup with that tweeters...
How have u done that... Was it just drilling a hole, wire it up and fit everything in?? Or was it a lot more difficult...
And witch tweeters did you use?

And i see that you also fitted that Philips silver bulbs.

I've done exactly the same with my taillights.
In this case i've used the Carpoint bulbs they are a lot darker.
It fits nicely...
@ Santa: By the way great setup with that tweeters...
How have u done that... Was it just drilling a hole, wire it up and fit everything in?? Or was it a lot more difficult...
And witch tweeters did you use?

I have fitted a Rainbow SLX265 Deluxe (6,5" + Tweeters) component set in the front (thoiught about doing it in back also but i'm not sure yet).
The tweeters were very easy to fit. I just drilled a hole in the plastic with a Dremel. Then I fitted the 6,5" speakers in an adapter made for the Panda.
The door card is very easy to remove (2 philips screws and 2 unbraco screws - i think) and then it pulls out (can be a bit tight as it's also fitted with some white plastic "things"). You also need to remove the plastic up by the wing mirror.
The filter is fitted inside the door with some tape.
I had to cut the wires for the orig. speakers in the door and fit them to the filter and then fit new wires from the filter to the tweeters and woofers.
I'd suggest going for the rear set santa, mine sounded awesome as the tweeter is next to your shoulder (I have my seat a fair way back)

Just got to order more speaker adapters and I'll put the rears back in.

Rears are same as front to fit, except for the winding mechanism, all you'll need is a thin flat blade screwdriver to remove the clip holding the winder on. :)
Thanks all for your help. I think i'm gonna stick with the factory unit. Does anyone know what inputs or outputs if any the standard unit has? Its the (f"!%ing) non MP3 version. Oh and i went to my local dealer about getting the MP3 version after a call from fiat telling me that was the best way. The dealer said try where you got it, supasaver, who basically said try your local dealer.. deep, deep breath... and relax. Im guessing theres no way of getting an amp on that unit but thought i'd put it out there. I'm actually tempted with two pairs of full range blaupunkts for an easy life.. yeah i know its a lazy cop out.. but i'm sure still a big improvement.