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General 999cc Starter Motor


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Aug 3, 2007
Anybody know the cheapest place to buy one or anybody got one spare I can buy the one on my girlfriends car has just packed up.

Any Uno FIRE engined starter motor will fit, so you should find some in scrappies. I'm not sure but the Cinq FIRE's might also fit as well? I have a spare Uno starter but I'm holding on to it just in case!
Make sure the remote hasnt just fallen off first. N yeah any scrappy will sell u one for 20 quid max, or u should be able to pick one up off ebay fora fiver (with a tenner postage :S )
By remote do you mean the solenoid? The solenoid is clicking over but the motor isnt spinning so it seems to be knackered.

Probably is knackered then. Just remember the first time i thought my startermotor was knackered. Bought a new one, went to fit it n found the remote wire had perished but if its making sound then somthings wrong. I dare say this would fit mate
someone on here will be able to tell u if it does

It's for the 903cc ohv engine so might not fit. I know the 1116/ 1301/ 1372cc engined Unos use a different starter motor to the FIRE, so assume the 903 would also be different. The problem is the bellhousing and the location as the 903cc engine has the starter at the front of the engine whereas the FIRE has it at the back.

Must be a scrappy near you?