Technical 96 Punto 75 (1.2sx) Reving up on its own

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Technical 96 Punto 75 (1.2sx) Reving up on its own


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Mar 12, 2003
oldham, United Kingdom.
Can anyone help please.

Wife has the above car. Recently started reving up of own accord at lights etc, idle at 1500 to 2000rpm. Car in garage, Diagnostic check revealed; Stepper motor, Temp transmitter and ecu fault. Stepper replaced, temp sender ok, however ecu cannot be checked as it's full of "Jelly" according to the men in the know. (was it really the stepper motor?)

As things are now getting a bit on the dear side, can anyone offer any advice, I was brought up on Lancia Beta twin cams so dodgy electrics are nothing new but this is way out of my league. I've scanned the other topics on here and there are a few about the Punto's love of revving (April 2002).

Can the ecu be repaired or is it a new one, or can I buy a used one? if so can they be reprogrammed? or is it off to Fiat to leave my right arm?

Any help \ advice greatfully received