Technical 899 head required

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Technical 899 head required

tom plans to break his 899'er when the MOT expires - he might be able to help you there.
scrappy near us has several, Infact one is from a sei that hasn't done many miles, just took a severe bash up the bum (in a none sexy way!) i'm more than willing to take one off for you if you pay for the cost of the part and postage/courier?

not a clue!! I'll give them a ring in the morning and ask. Shouldn't be to much.

Do you just want the head and valves or do you want the rods and rockers as well?

they (windleys) want 40 quid plus vat for a head with no rocker gear. i rang them today. the first quote was for 80 quid with rocker gear and any other bits attached to it. these quotes are for self removal too!
you can buy a reconditioned one for 100 quid i think but i seen an entire 899 engine with 26k on it for 100 quid on ebay
I found several in a wee Fiat breakers just outside York today, £40, removed. When the customer was phoned he couldn't make his mind up so it was left.

Thanks for all your help