Technical 866 Camshaft help!

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Technical 866 Camshaft help!


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Sep 11, 2019
Hi guys! I have just mounted a 866 punto 75 camshaft on my 188a4000 engine.

My idle has become a bit unsettling: it likes to misfire every 2-3 seconds, (loses about 30rpm even tho the rpm gauge doesnt move) and the car is clearly bogging down under 3000 rpm. Past that rpm mark the car takes off and goes very fast, way faster than with the stock cam.
I have found a stock punto 75 dyno and the power/torque curves follow almost 1:1 the 60hp version, with the only difference being the increase at higher rpm.

I'm pretty sure it's an ecu related issue since the map sensor is measuring 450-470 mbar at idle while before it was around 300, and the ecu is not happy with it.

I'm looking for some past experiences and maybe some tuners advice: i am able to reprogram my marelli ecu and change timing / idle timing and ve tables, i just dont know what changes to make.:bang:
If there is a way i can get the Seicento section involved too it would be good since they also like to swap cams in their 1.1:slayer: