General 650 Square head Engine.

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General 650 Square head Engine.

Duffys Dad

Feb 19, 2011
Hi. I have a 650cc engine with an unusual square Head. Dose any body know more about this engine? I think it was a German spec where they had some issue with heating the interior with air passed through the engine, but know nothing more. I was going to strip the engine for parts but maybe it is wort more whole?
Many thanks.
German Bambino engine. Apart from the head shape the rest is standard 126. Useful if you have all tinware as the head shape is the same as the Panda 30
Thanks for the info. Any idea what it's worth?

How complete is the engine? I would guess that it would have most value in Germany. I was misold a Bambino head may years ago from a guy claiming it was a Panda 30. I ended up just giving it away. A complete set of tinware is useful for guys fitting Panda 30 heads then you are left with a standard engine with a crappy head. Assume it has the normal carb?