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General 600 VIN identification

The Original 500 Jolly's were made to order, with a complete car plucked from the completed stock (they were even all white is seems), when Fiat realized they had something they did produce short runs of possibly up to 10 cars, and US Jollys are almost sequential body numbers, remember these cars were 2x the price of a std equivalent Fiat, and the Sport did not sell very well due to the fact it was about 30% more, so Jolly's were the domain of the rich and famous.
You could not just walk into the Ghia Studio and strike a deal to make cars or such, unusually Jolly's were hand made by Ghia with limits as to how many could actually be made, so it is unlikely that any were licensed or approved for Seat to produce.
Clearly others then and now see the potential profits of making copies/replicas, some very significant, like Felice Mario Boano, Pininfarina, Carrozzeria Savio and Fissore designer Giovanni Michelotti. But you can imagine the number of "back street workshops turning out some "knock off" like modern day UGG boots or such.. they sort of look the same but lack the quality and fine detail.
Fiat were limited to a maximum production of about 300 Jollys, so are unlikely to let anyone else get in on their act with Ghia.

And has been said before.. "Every Jolly is Original, even if you made it yourself" by definition it has to be.
As I say.. enjoy the car, have fun and I hope he didn't pay full Jolly prices

here is a very nice 1960 Fiat Jolly Ghia 600

It is high quality so you can save and zoom in and compare

so you know.. this sold as a matching pair with a 600 Multipla for $242,000 + commission in 2015
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Hello everyone :)

I'm new to this forum and like to introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo and I'm from Lisbon Portugal. I am about to purchase a Fiat 600D ... and I believe that it is one of the last that were produced. The chassis number is: BE 903505, engine number: DE 908661.

I would like to ask if anyone could help date my car?

All that I know is that the car was assembled in Portugal, and all parts came from Spain from the SEAT production line.

Thanks in advance and I hope to hear back from you all :D

I just bought a FIAT 600 and I would like to know the year of manufacture, the VIN NUMBER is 1006 * 0348841 *, could you help me?
Hi All.. have just bought a multipla...I think it's got the bigger engine going.on chassis plate..can anyone confirm.

Thanks all...very excited


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