600 (Classic) 58’ Fiat 600

Type 1 VW 1914cc, Rajay 10lb Turbocharger, dyno 185bhp


I just bought this sleeper a few weeks ago. And I’ve gotta say, this is one of the quickest cars I’ve ever been in. Like scary quick!!!! I’ll be taking her to the 1/4 mile drag strip in the next few weeks… and I’m curious if she gets under 11 seconds. To be continued
What a great advert for classic cars
If ever a picture called me to go find my own classic Fiat this is it. What a superb example !
Thank you Panda Nut!
Class! 👍🏻
One of my favorite fiat car's, and this one looks stunning, happy motoring 🏁
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Cheers! 👍🏻
Please post us a picture of the engine bay and how the drivetrain was sorted out. How is the cooling handled, I guess it's got a considerably bigger rad then the original - is it rear mounted? does it use VW driveshafts, hubs, etc? and if so how was that adapted to the bodyshell? Was anything done to the front brakes? The more you can tell us the better.

I just love cars like this where they don't visually look that different to a normal example. I'll never build it now but I've had a lifelong fantasy to build a Citroen Arcadiane body onto a space frame chassis powered by a Daimler 2.5 V8. Not a hot rod with big rear tyres and skinny fronts, but a proper "european type" vehicle, low to the ground, that would handle well in the corners. I was inspired to do this many years ago when I briefly saw the Berpop Ford Anglia - Google NSRA UK BERPOP - and the Edward Turner designed Daimler engine is just such a beautiful thing to look at:

how could you choose anything else? The engine is not probably the best choice, I'm just obsessed with them.