250+amp alternator needed for cinqecento

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250+amp alternator needed for cinqecento


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Aug 16, 2013
Who's fitted a BIG alternator to there cinq?
I be needing atleast 250amp alt for my sounds but can't find any info anywhere !!!!!!!!
Someone here has to of done this?
.... If your wondering why I need 250amp I'm running 4 12'' alpine type r's of 2 2000wrms amps and 2 4channel amps for mids and tweets
Kills voltage! At 148db
So any help weather it be you know the biggest alt you can fit
Just fitting a larger alternator wont help

You need to seriously upgrade the battery as well, as a larger alternator wont work at its full potential if the battery is holding it back as thats where the power comes from

As for the 250amp, since the Ciuq sei's are small cars like its fat brother the punto
you may forwell struggle, there are alot of 60 / 65 / 70 amp alternators from the punto
But only the diesels get the higher 100+amp alternator which wont fit, unless you modify

so looks like im stuck with getting a 90 amp of a a/c seci ?
and got battery in back .... getting 2 agm 85 amp batts