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Technical 2017 fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet


Mar 6, 2021
Hello, I have a 2017 fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet the airbag ECU failed in October 2022 and I had it reset around Xmas and refitted and it was fine since then till yesterday when it failed again whilst driving on the motorway for no apparent reason , I have a new ECU but have no idea what or how to proxi align, is there anyone Warrington area who can do the alignment, I can remove and refit the ECU I’ve been told that I need to have it proxi aligned and someone on this group might be able to help? Thanks Steve
Photo is of original ECU which has now failed twice


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Sad to hear that the airbag module which was reset a few months ago failed again :(

To do a proxi alignment you need Fiat MultiEcuScan and an interface to connect the van ECU to the laptop through the OBD port. Of course someone could make it for you, but such set is a great help. I needed a second key and found out that buing a new key with fob + PCB board + MultiEcuScan licence + the interface would cost me less than half of the price a Fiat dealer wanted for the key :D

I know that the post is already more than a month old, but remember to back up the old proxi settings before running the alignment procedure. Just in case. A procedure can be found on the forum.

Then all the electronic jobs especially related to the airbag / seatbelt tensioners systems should be done with the battery disconected. There is a special procedure to follow when disconnecting the x250 and x290 battery. Just to avoid any possible and costly errors in the airbag module.

Before fitting the new module I'd also check all the connectors related to the airbag and seatbelt tensioners, as something can be causing the module to fail repeatidly.

I'd also check the earth points, which are known to rust in the x250 / x290.
Thank you, I have now found a guy in Morecambe that will do it for £50 so hopefully that will sort things out 🤞