Technical 2010 Doblo Maxi Van 1.6 Multijet P0238

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Technical 2010 Doblo Maxi Van 1.6 Multijet P0238

Jul 2, 2022
I have an ongoing issue with above vehicle, delete error code and vehicle pulls and revs OK , but with a bit of black smoke (seen much worse but is noticable), during a short drive using full throttle it will go into "limp mode" only revving to around 3000rpm and no black smoke.
Error code P0238 and EML (Boost Sensor A Circuit High)
I replaced the Turbo cartridge when I bought the vehicle as blue smoking and intercooler full of oil, I did physically check boost pressure and have replaced MAP sensor.
As I have other vehicles and only look at it in fine weather so it has become a slow project, I believe someone mentioned a wiring fault can cause this between MAP plug and ECU.
Does anyone have the pin outs for that please.
By the way, I only use Linux , so no MES or E learn.;)
Have a look at turbo actuator moving correctly, all the small bore vacuum tubes between actuator / electric control valve/ vacuum pump/ reservoir.
Is this a very high miles vehicle?

Is it a variable vane turbo?
Have a look at turbo actuator moving correctly, all the small bore vacuum tubes between actuator / electric control valve/ vacuum pump/ reservoir.
Is this a very high miles vehicle?

Is it a variable vane turbo?
Thanks Jack, I do have DaveMcTs phone number some where as I loaned him some tools for his 1.3 multijet engine so may give him a ring as fairly local, he may have MES.
I have hooked it up to Snap On Zeus some months ago but nothing obvious at the time .
Mileage around 105K, not a variable vane turbo, I have tested using a MityVac and no obvious leaks there and even bought an intercooler tester to pressurise the intake but haven't got around to trying yet as was waiting for warmer weather, also presumably looking for something causing higher pressure reading rather than a leak on pressure side.
Re the vacuum pump reservoir, I am assuming that is the plastic ribbed object facing front just on gearbox end of engine, apart from vacuum testing that, I was reluctant to disturb it's rubber seals due to another issue I had to fix when I purchased the van was oil in the water. which was the oil cooler on the filter housing leaking oil into radiator.
The oil getting into the cooling system caused the rubber seals to expand so any disturbed ended up to swollen to reuse and the two Fiat little ones I had to purchase for the oil cooler cost around £37 in Fiat bag and came from China via Fiat Main Dealer!
As a result I bought a Loctite O ring making kit which I have topped up with some square profile rubber also.
Vehicle is 2010 263 Series Doblo Maxi Van 1.6 As you may have guessed issue not yet resolved. MES not locally available and I only use Linux.
Recent road testing and code reading on a Launch Creader 129X Pro gave the following.
Codes read
P0101-01 (air mass meter general electrical failure) it has been replaced and no obvious wiring issues, but still same fault code.
P0113-15 (Air Temp Sensor electrical failure- circuit short to battery or open) Believe same sensor as above so ditto.
P0238-61 (Turbo charger Control Position Drift-low pressure signal calculation failure) New turbo fitted for different reason, oil in intercooler. Map Sensor replaced and again no obvious electrical issues.
Codes deleted and vehicle road tested, some black smoke noticed and after mile or so went into Limp mode, but no EML light code read P0101F-21.
Deleted Error code and continued road test but faster on Dual Carriageway, full power but black smoke then Limp Mode+EML light +written message on dash Check Engine.
Code then read P0238-61, deleted code and continued test slower, on return to base code read P010F-21.
My thoughts are towards a wiring issue that I have yet to locate.
Any suggestions appreciated, as long as they don't involve a can of fuel and matches.;)
Just as a follow up, I took it to a Diagnostic Specialist who located a EGR pipe leak at the inlet manifold which was losing turbo boost pressure hence black smoke. I did pressure test the intercooler and pipes in my defence but working on my own I was unable to locate the leak at the manifold when revving, so in the end worth the cost, as my reading of the error codes was leading me down the wrong paths when if common sense had prevailed I knew black smoke had to be too much fuel or not enough oxygen.:(