Technical 2008 FIAT STRADA 1.4 X-SPACE (178F)

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Technical 2008 FIAT STRADA 1.4 X-SPACE (178F)

Hennie Burger

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Apr 20, 2023
Hi Everybody!!! I'm new on the site.

I need help with the correct head torque settings & sequence for my Fiat Strada pickup, 1.4 fire engine.

Many thanks!
VIN. 9BD27836K77034298 / Engin no. 178F50387839571
Many thanks!
I think I tried to give you some details before when you just got the truck and you had photo of it at a fuel station, but it is not a common model around here.
The 178F is what I was trying to go by and all I had in my Autodata manual for 2012 was for a 178B engine in a different model.
I will post the details I have, but maybe someone else on Forum has more specific data.


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Many thanks mike,
This specific model 178F which I have was manufactured in Brazil, parts here in South Africa is not easy to get for these models. I just ordered the head gasket set from the local Fiat agents in Cape Town, apparently I have to wait for 3months for it to arrive from overseas somewhere. Last month the Fiat agents told me the Behr radiators for these models are discontinued, so I modified a radiator from a different fiat model with very similar specs to fit in mine. I ordered so many alternator/power steering belts and other parts before, but strangely nothing fits on this model. Surely the head torque settings of all the Fiat 1.4L Fire engines should be similar?
VIN. 9BD27836K77034298 / Engin no. 178F50387839571
Many thanks!
Hi Hennie, you don't perhaps know where the Engine Number is located, my dad passed away and his bakkie need to go for roadworthy to be transferred into a new owner name, but the traffic dept can't find the Engine Number, and won't pass roadworthy without?