Technical 2008 FIAT STRADA 1.4 X-SPACE (178F)

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Technical 2008 FIAT STRADA 1.4 X-SPACE (178F)

Hennie Burger

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Apr 20, 2023
Hi Everybody!!! I'm new on the site.

I need help with the correct head torque settings & sequence for my Fiat Strada pickup, 1.4 fire engine.

Many thanks!
VIN. 9BD27836K77034298 / Engin no. 178F50387839571
Many thanks!
I think I tried to give you some details before when you just got the truck and you had photo of it at a fuel station, but it is not a common model around here.
The 178F is what I was trying to go by and all I had in my Autodata manual for 2012 was for a 178B engine in a different model.
I will post the details I have, but maybe someone else on Forum has more specific data.


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Many thanks mike,
This specific model 178F which I have was manufactured in Brazil, parts here in South Africa is not easy to get for these models. I just ordered the head gasket set from the local Fiat agents in Cape Town, apparently I have to wait for 3months for it to arrive from overseas somewhere. Last month the Fiat agents told me the Behr radiators for these models are discontinued, so I modified a radiator from a different fiat model with very similar specs to fit in mine. I ordered so many alternator/power steering belts and other parts before, but strangely nothing fits on this model. Surely the head torque settings of all the Fiat 1.4L Fire engines should be similar?