Technical 2007 Fiat Uno Way 1.2 front suspension

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Technical 2007 Fiat Uno Way 1.2 front suspension


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Mar 19, 2021
Hi all, Im from SA and have recently bought a 2007 Fiat Uno Way 1.2

Im looking to replace the Rack ends and lower ball joints, but finding parts seem to be a bit of an issue.

I was wondering if anyone has info if the uno 1.1 (older models) or for that matter any other model of uno of fiat uses the same front suspension parts as the uno way(mille in brazil).

Or maybe if any of the blokes in SA has some info on where to source the parts needed.

Any info will be much appreciated.

Thank you all.

Without looking up the FIAT part numbers

Any comparisons are tricky

At 2007 it is more likely to have panda - 500 parts in common ;)

Im afraid the UK never saw the later

Palio strada and uno models

So you might not get too many direct answers :eek:

Fiatdalys site should give accurate parts info. :)
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