Technical 2005 scudo 2.0jtd fault light/ecu issue?

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Technical 2005 scudo 2.0jtd fault light/ecu issue?

Dec 23, 2014
have had ecu light on for a while now. my mate plugged in faut reader and loads codes come up so we assumed they cant all be real so deleated them and light went out. week later light come back on. this time ive taken the van to a local garage, he has a big snapon reader. again all these fauts came up, he said if these faults were for real the van wouldnt be driveable.
His snapon deviced wouldnt clear the codes, he went on snapon website they have sugested bad wiring with the ecu, either bad earth or water ingress int the ecu.

so next cause of action is to remove the ecu open it up and inspect/clean the terminals.

Ive told them this van was cheap so i dont want to throw money at it, also its mot at the end of the month and who knows what that will entail.

anyone with any experience or info on this issue?

kind regards
Apr 27, 2011
Near the M4
rubbing to the loom is the most obvious..,

probably better with an auto electrician in this case..,

TBH - unless it's ABS / Airbag lights ...
I would go for the MOT in the month you'll know if it's worthwhile..

Charlie - Oxford