2 Amps?

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2 Amps?


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Aug 22, 2005
Is there any way to use the same power cable, phono leads, ground and remote cable on 2 amps?

Im a bit of a newbie to all this stuff!!!
yea you just need spliters for the photos and a fused block for the power cable. the remote wire and just be split from the other amp and the earth an just go to the same point as the other 1
You can also 'daisy chain' the amps if one amp has a through RCA (this is what I have).
You can, also have 2 power take offs off the battery. Its not as neat as using fused distribution blocks, but hey.............
If you're going with distribution blocks, you should really use a distribution block for your earth cables IMO. I would like to point out that if you went for distribution blocks, you would need a heavier gauge cable than you have now (e.g. if your amps use 8 gauge on their own, then you should use a minimum of 4 gauge (preferably 0 gauge), to ensure you don't get a voltage drop and therefore as much power as your amps need. Your earth cable will also need to be the same gauge, i.e. if you have a 4 gauge power cable going into your distribution blocks, then 4 gauge earth cabling should come out of the earth's distribution block :)
You can split the remote lead into 2, or have a daisy chain from one amp to the other in the same way as the RCAs. As they are carrying very negligable current (its only enough to tell the amp to switch on), you can do this. No doubt I'll be corrected if someone thinks otherwise :)