Technical 2.4TD Oil cooler pipes

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Technical 2.4TD Oil cooler pipes


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Jun 9, 2003
Nr Telford
I need replacement oil cooler pipes for my 2.4TD - the originals are corroded near where they join the cooler. Fiat have quoted me £150 inc VAT for the two pipes. My garage has investigated the possibility of getting new ones made up, but it's not possible.

My garage has suggested bypassing the cooler, however I'm not too keen on this.

Anyone any experience of bypassing the cooler?
Anyone know where I can get some second-hand pipes?


If your pipes need replacing it is probably due to them being corroded. Dont take any chances with them. I used to own a Fiat coupe 20VT and I had to bite the bullet, some that didnt wished they did when they burst whilst on the move as you are not aware of the oil starvation until its way too late.

I also believe that if FIAT designed them into the car they surve a purpose, the turbo heats and thins the oil, the cooler helps that.

just my two pennies.
The used pipes that I fitted have a small leak, so I need some replacements. Anyone suggest anywhere that would make them up?


the pipes are the important
use companies which supply commercails and they make them up for you also
Agricultural suppliers.
Usally Hydraulic pipe supplies eg: Pirtex ect
we use these companies for motor sport and usually takes a few mins per pipe.