Technical 2.0l 20V Cat

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Technical 2.0l 20V Cat


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Sep 13, 2005
Hi people,

I finally got the Marea working and it runs perfect (Very suprised by the power), but I took it in for an MOT and the exhaust emmisions are reading to high. The MOT tester said the CAT's gone.:cry: There was a crack on the downpipe which didn't help so I've got that welded and I've put some CAT cleaner down the fuel tank. Hopefully this should fix it. If not will need another CAT. Has anybody got one or know of one available and if so how much.


I wacked some of that cat clean stuff in with the fuel and gave it 50 miles of welly and it fixed itself!

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Marea is now up for sale.

Marea HLX 2.0 20V

It has been fully serviced (Plugs, air filter, oil, oil filter, pollen filter, timing belt, idler and fuel filter). Topped up with anti-freeze, windscreen wash and it like a rocket. 79K on the clock with some service history and I think there are previous MOT's also.

What kind of price should I put it up for?


Have a quick scan through ebay to see what they are going for. Don't expect a great deal for it though. They are a bargain to buy but sell cheap.
You can put it up in our classifieds if you wish.