500 (Classic) 1970 500L


After a long search in the US for a Classic Fiat 500 I finally found the one I was looking for! It's new home is in Pennsylvania.
I'm new to the Fiat owners but been around them all my life. My uncle raced them in Northern Italy for many years.

1970 Fiat 500 (I think L)
700cc Engine
Sport suspension
10in wheels
Race interior (except no seatbelts lol ....for now)
Not sure yet what transmission is in it yet. didn't get to really drive it because I'm still waiting for the registration to come in.
Removed 67 STICKERS! You want to be a sponsor you pay me! HAHAHA
Custom emblems being made now.
Door decals being changed to 695

More photos to come when the snow melts and I can take it outside again.