Technical 1960 600 disc brake upgrade…?

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Technical 1960 600 disc brake upgrade…?


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Oct 10, 2022
Oakland, CA
Hey everyone,

I’m assembling parts for my 1960 600 electric conversion and I had a question about disc brake upgrades. I’m planning on using an 850 front wheel disc brake setup. However, I’d like to upgrade the calipers. Those one plunger jobs are fine, I’m sure, but the 600 isn’t exactly the safest car in the first place so I’d like to take a step up. A small step up. I’m not looking for Wilwood or Brembo. I don’t need racing brakes since I just don’t drive that fast and I have no plans for track days. And, of course, I’d rather not over pay since I’m trying to keep the costs down. I’m also planning on putting 14” wheels on and I’ll use spacers if I have to. So. All that being said, what are some affordable calipers that will work on the standard 850 rotors? And will I need different mounting brackets? Thanks for sharing your expertise!