General 13 inch 600d alloys

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General 13 inch 600d alloys


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Mar 14, 2023
Newport S.Wales
Hi just bought some 13 inch alloys, for my 600d. Any recommended profile tyres that work best? Mine is standard suspension. Appreciate any info. Regards, Wook
The problem you will have is clearing standard arches with big tyres. Mine has 155/65 x13 but is slightly lowered.
Thanks. Mine isn't lowered so that size maybe the best option just want it look right without a problem
I have 13in steel wheels on my 600 with 145/80R13's on them. I would say they are a very tight fit and rub when turning and hitting big bumps. My car is lowered and has a front swing arm kit (in place of the transverse leaf spring), so my wheel position could be different than yours.

I am not sure if this will help, but I measured my wheels to be 5in wide with a 30mm offset. This puts my 145/80 tire about 5mm from the rear fender and just touches my front fender when fully compressed.

Do you have the width and offset? I can plug it into my calculator and see how it compares to my setup... with the caveat that my car is likely different than yours.