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General 100sx td or jdt bravo


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Mar 16, 2005
Herne Bay
Hi i am stuck between choosin a type of bravo. I am not sure what one to go for. Any opinons will be cool
And, if you ask them nicely and cross their palm with silver (actually a handful of cold hard cash), Angel Tuning can come with their magic box and make it do amazing things (like go really fast)...

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I have a Y reg 1.9 100sx JTD. I would highly recommend getting one. Watch out for when the turbo kicks in in 1st cos it's quick. I've shown up boy racers at traffic lights by how quick the car can get up to speed :D
Hellcat said:
Oh you want a very late model too - it's the 16v version from Y reg onwards. Its marked as the 100 version not the 105.

All the Bravo/a are 8v 1.9 JTD's. The 105 is a Euro 2 and the 100 is a Euro 3. Fundementally the same, although the E2 one is a bit perkier.
Just as long as its a made during 99 and after then it will be a jtd, badged as that or td75/100. Before hand the td100 / 75 badges where used but they were not JTD's
It took my a few weeks to find my JTD, i looked at a few but there had been ran into the ground. I had a 500 mile round trip to view a Bravo 1.9JTD, luckly it was prefect for me so i brought it :D
Its worth the wait and make sure you get one you are 100% happy with.