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Technical 100HP Tracking Problems Poll

Have you had tracking problems on your 100HP

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Dec 4, 2003
Swindon, United Kingdom.
I noticed that our Eco had massive inner tyre wear on the rear, so the girlfriend mentione dit today to Fiat as she was having the heating fan replaced. They said the rear tracking couldn't be adjusted and the tyres may be faulty. Seems odd, it's done about 16000 miles it's 19 months old. Can I do anything in terms of asking Fiat to look at it, or shall I just get new tyres and see how it goes from there?



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Nov 11, 2007
I don't understand this either... 10,000+ miles and no problems pulling left or with odd tyre wear.

Well, I say there's no problem with it pulling left... I think I'm right in saying that all cars pull left because of the camber in the road.

I certainly haven't noticed anything untoward, but I do know this - many people moaned about getting perfect wheel alignment on their MX-5s. I found that the car, for whatever reason, was very sensitive to incorrect tyre pressures. If I didn't keep an eye on them to keep them at the right level, the whole car felt wrong.

I might ask the dealer to take a look at the 12k service I guess.

I have to say i'm with you here, my 100hp's done close to 60k now, it's ALWAYS worn the inner edges on the front from new, but surely everyone knows this is how the car is set up, the two main factors to increase/decrease this is regular tyre pressure checks (with an accurate gauge!) and how you drive, the harder you drive the quicker the inner edges wear, I'm sure this could be corrected by someone who knows what they are doing, however i'd have thought would affect the turn in, and i bought my panda for how it drives, so i'd rather put up with the edge wear.

I'd also expect cars to pull to the left on regular roads...

In my opinion most cases of uneven tyre wear elsewhere is caused by owners not checking pressures regulary enough or not setting pressures correctly. Once you've ran a tyre at the incorrect pressure for thousands of miles the damage is done, they won't suddenly correct themselves once put back to correct pressure, and of course, they are the only part of the car in contact with the road so will cause the car to drive incorrectly!

Aside from this kerbing wheels and hitting pot holes are the other two main culprates.

Personally i don't think there are any issues with the 100hp other than front inside edge wear which isn't an issue as such! So i'm not suprised that Fiat aren't that interested. I worked for BMW for years who also don't cover alignment under warranty, although the dealers will investigate the problem, i would say 90% of cases were down to owner neglect, bucked wheels, pressures all over the place, incorrect tyres.. few were genuine faults with the cars suspension/bushes etc.

I'd like to know what tyre pressures 100hp owners are running?


90,000 : 19/07/11
Feb 14, 2010
My local tyre place said [without prompting] that Goodyear F1s are prone to wearing the inside edge.

I tend to run 34F/32R - slightly higher than normal.


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Sep 10, 2010
North Hampshire
2 weeks ago I took my 100HP to the local garage and the tracking etc is spot on according to their read-outs and what Fiat suggest.