Panda 100hp crash photos + new 100hp and black wheels

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Panda 100hp crash photos + new 100hp and black wheels


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Dec 19, 2005
heres my old panda (all the pics are in this thread )



and heres the new one with its little wheel and caliper mod

looks like that peugeot learnt its lesson :D
Geez.. looks like your Panda was trying to sniff the Pug's arm pit..
likin the wheels on the new 'en.

did using the 206 as a spoiler help at all with front end grip?
bloody pug! I like the wheels on your new one though, makes it looks a bit more agressive and blend well with the iwindow tints
it was a 307 yes, and hopefully hes learnt a lesson, bonus is that it's another french car off the road :p it's just a shame mine went with it lol

more new pics to follow now I've given the beast her first clean
Glad to see you got a nice shiney new one.

Was the Pug driver badly injured? If he wasn't I'd of made sure he was, can't be arsed with numpty's like that at all :mad:.
Niiiiiiiiice! Loving the new wheels, ive always wanted black wheels on a car, shame i always seem to get the wrong colours for getting them! But you're right, gives it a new menace. Its suprising how little it takes to make the panda look meaner, even our new number plates have made a difference, just an awesome car!
Nice wheels on the new panda but what happened to the old panda I would like the wheels on my panda :p
keep an eye out in the ads for panda parts, kindertons accident management now own the car, and its in the cheshire area as far as I know (the wheels were in mint condition when I left it )

here's a few more photos taken tonight






I've just read the original post,that 1 metre reverse is possibly the best manoeuvre you'll ever do in your life James.Is the other driver being prosecuted for wreckless driving because it looks a bit beyond driving without due care and attention.Or flying without a pilots licence,well done for your quick thinking.john
I'm going to ring the police up at some point this week and find out what happened with regards to the driver

'Chrisuk' - the driver of the pug walked away from that accident despite not wearing a seatbelt, he probably had a few bruises

I was waiting for a parking comment, but, the police beat you to it, telling the people driving by it was 'a new parking initiative in nuneaton' :p
i love the panda 100hp even persuaded my partner to get one crossover and the most distinguishing points on the panda are the wheels they are a touch of class but to go and do them in black is a panda 100hp mortal sin.your wheels have no sheen or reflectiveness on them in the photos.flat black(n) sorry