Technical 1.8 Exhaust Centre Section.

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Technical 1.8 Exhaust Centre Section.


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Jul 4, 2005
Near Newcastle
Hi all, my exhaust is on its way out. The car is a 53plate and has only done 20,800 miles.

Does anyone know if the centre section for a 1.8 Stilo a dealer only part?

My local dealer has quoted me £216 supplied and fitted.

I've made lots of calls (and used the forum search) some places have said it is dealer only but I've also been quoted, £69 + vat supplied, or £29 supplied (they say it is right but I can't believe it)! Will it restrict the engine?


Thanks in advance.

Why bother with another mild steel part ..and for not much more you could get a complete stainless system ??
Cheers for the reply but I really can't afford the £216 never mind 'not much more', I just want to get it sorted and get on enjoying driving the car.

Cheers for the site link, it all comes to £96.67 (including gasket and clamp).
My local dealer bloke says he would steer clear of the £30 exhaust but thinks the £70 one may not be too bad.

I ended up getting the £30 exhaust and fitting it myself.
The front flange angle wasn't quite right, the mounting bolt holes were huge (the head of an 8mm bolt slipped straight through).
One of the hanger studs didn't fit (I had to bend it to locate it).
The silencer also seemed smaller.
The back male pipe was alot smaller than the bore it fitted into on the backbox, so the clamp I bought was too small.

I used exhaust putty on the flanges and bores, I can't feel any leaks but I have water coming out of the rear pipe and out of the two bores clamped together.
Is this ok?
The car is going in for a 36,000 mile (it only has 21,000 mile on the clock) service and M.O.T. on Wed.