Technical 1.6 tipo engine.

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Technical 1.6 tipo engine.


Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
Im my quest to possibly make a superb sleeper car (bar putting a 1.4 turbo engine in it), Does anyone know of any scrappies/ people selling a 1.6 engine block?

Its needed because If the uno doesnt sell for spares and repairs for more than sort of £30 then Im not gonna sell it and break it myself. but then I feel bad because it IS a great condition example of an uno, and a rare one too being an SX :D .. so I figure, new engine and resell. but then, if im going to all that effort, why not 1.6 tipo lump and resell :D its a straight swap. Plus can have some fun whilst its waiting to sell heh. seems alot of effort to just sell it on BUT i recon I could prob make around £500 out of it if I get it back to a nice way again with fairly little effort apart from the engine. plus chavos like engine conversions :p

Will see what happens. but any leads on an engine woul be superb (y)
here's my advice. dont bother. its too much time and effort and for what, rubbish 500 if your lucky. really I know it may seem worthwhile but you'll change your mind when you're crawling round the floor, dirty hands, a few cuts, load of bolts where do they go. Just dont do, sit inside have a cup of tea.