Technical 1.6 L palio engine in uno.

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Technical 1.6 L palio engine in uno.


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Feb 3, 2006
hi I am from india. i just joined this forum. kind of lost too.. he he..
i am thinking of putting a 1.6L palio engine into the uno. i guess the power to weight ratio will be good.

In india, the uno is phased out and the palio is not selling that good too because of fiat's internal problems.
i am not too much into the technical side but want to know what problems I might face..

Also.. will the engine fit well? what all other parts need to be changed to help this mod work.....

all help is appreciated..

thank you..:)
one uno with 1.6 16v siena engine is in poland :)

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Holla Passion purple!

dude i wanna do something similar to what you are upto .. but i wanna get a civic vtec 1.6 engine in my UNO :slayer: :)

cuz i am facing the same kinda problems down here ... I am from pakistan .. 'hello neighbour :D' .. fiat in pakistan had some internal issues too and after few law suits the company shutdown .. its been 3 years i guess .. no one knows if they'd be able to pull out of that .. and i am sure you face the same kinda probs at garages as i do ... 'aint no one there is trained of fiat :( '

I really love fiat.. if it wasnt for the stupid situation.. i would never think of changing anything on it but now i am thinkin of getting a 1.6 vtec civic engine... cuz i also think the power to weight ratio would be amazing and u can get all kinda mods for civics

plleeassee some one let me know if its possible? :confused: or any other ideas
thanks for the picture buddy.. can you please tell if the drive train also needs changes or not?

fait friends please help out on this problem.....

for bquest-- thans for posting. I guess you too will be in a simslar condition like me.. can you please tell what all research you have done? don't know the car situation in your country but guess its similar..
well sooo far i've been asking around different garages if they think its possible or not... only one person said he can do the job.. but i gotta tell him if it will be the engine older than 2001 or if its from a civic which came after 2001.. gotta check the avaiability.. i personally like civic 97 vtec 1.6 engine.. hope i find one to further investigate the possibilities
do you know about the availability of a new engine?
1>what are the statistics of the vtec?
2>are you replacing the drive train too?
3>what about the ecu remapping?
4>air intake and exhaust?
5>your budget?

plesae answer those for comparision...........

also try this site..
can the palio 1.6L petrol (16v 100bhp) engine be mounted easily on the uno chasis? or will I have to modify the engine mount on thr uno?:confused: