General 1.4 timing belt questions

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General 1.4 timing belt questions


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Jul 15, 2007
Have just started changing the timing belt on our brava this weekend and have a few questions i'm hoping you lot could answer for me.

First thing, Got the cam and crankshaft locking tools made by laser. Cam lock fitted on fine, set to TDC...


went to put the crank tool on and it doesn't seem to line up properly, looks like the crank is a tooth out to me as it wont line up with the bolts on the oil pump, what do you reckon?


Taking the fact that it doesn't line up properly away i don't understand how you are meant to get the old belt off, new one on with this tool in place? Haynes just doesn't seem to mention this.

Finally, surely it never came out of the factory with this hole like this?


Looks kinda mangled to me?:confused:
Thanks for your replies folks. I did think that the bottom lock was somewhat unnecessary. Just seems odd that it doesn't quite line up. Car has lways felt a bit underpowered to me ever since we got it. Am wondering if it has been put together wrongly i past and maybe 1 tooth out or has maybe jumped at some point? Belt is quite worn and slack. I noticed from the off that the crank pulley was slightly anti clockwise past the timing mark when setting the cam.

Think i am gonna take a mark and try hand turning it in both the position it is now and with the crank 1 tooth over.
take the belt off, then fit the new belt, before you tension it get the crank lock in place so you correct the timing. not sure what the hole is but i wouldnt worry about it.