General 0 to 60 (and a bit) turbo cinq video

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General 0 to 60 (and a bit) turbo cinq video

Mar 22, 2002
North East
Having tried it in the Marea, moved on to the Cinq. Got quite a bit of wheelspin from the off in 1st, but still looks a reasonable time. Video quality and commentary are questionable, but it was done on a phone.

You might need the latest Quick Time to play it:


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i want that one!

would be interesting to see what kind of time it pulls on the G-tech. Gimme a shout if you wanna borrow it and do some testing. Does 0-60, 60-0 and 1/4 mile times
Nah its the teesside local raceway :rolleyes: I can't watch the vid until I get home but it's going to be the first thing I do when I get in. Can't wait for more of Pete's commentary :p

Tried it in the Weekend but got wheelspin in 1st, 2nd and 3rd..

Muddy road :D
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fixitagaintomorrow said:
How far have you got with it, Alex?

Um next question please :eek:

Not touched it yet mate :( dad's playing with the house which is obviously much more exciting than a 104 bhp cinq :rolleyes: (n)

when progress occurs, rest assured it will be posted :) (y)