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Fuel pump/ injection


Wonder if anyone can help, a week back I was driving at quite high revs when the engine cut out. There doesn’t sound like there is a problem with engine itself as it turning over fine, its just not igniting.

After doing a bit of investigating I realised the fuel pump wasn’t working, making think the pump had broke. Although when I took a direct feed from the battery to the pump the pump started working and was getting petrol to the engine, but still the engine wouldn’t start up!

This makes me think that the fuel pump and the injection system are on the same electrical circuit and something had blown.

Can anyone confirm if this is in fact the problem and if so what I need to do/replace to resolve the problem?

Any help would be amazing!
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Re: Fuel pump/ injection

check if the car has a inertia fuel cut off switch,usually under the front passenger seat,or on the left of the passenger seat near the kick plate or red rubber cover the size of 2p,push it down,if you feel it move down,cured.these some times cut in if banged......................
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