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Engine management light

Hi Guys, i am hoping for a little help I have a Fiat Punto MK2b and have an "intermitant" EML light coming on It will come on once and then will be off for a few days, and come back on Research has shown it is a-- "location O2 sensor on bank 1 sensor 2 only ". Can i simply replace this sensor or is it a garage job? and can someone tell me location of this sensor?? I read somewhere that it can be disconnected, and with it being intermittent, i thought it might be best temporary option. The MOT is due in a couple of months, and i know if light comes on, it will be an automatic FAIL. Thank's in advance for any help John

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Re: Engine management light

I'm not familiar with the Punto O2 sensor setup but I'm guessing that you have:

A single CAT in which case there will be a sensor before the CAT and after the CAT


A twin cat system in which there will be a sensor before each of the CATs

They are fairly easy to replace but I would first of all chase and check the lead going from the sensor. Check for damage, breaks etc. It will eventually terminate at a connector (not too far away from the sensor). Check this connector. Split/unplug it and check the contacts for corrosion etc. Clean it up. Ideally you are best of using a commercial switch/contact cleaner but brake cleaning fluid, alcohol, meths etc. will also work. After cleaning then a little WD40 (or as a last resort WD40 on its own) to finish up.

Often these intermittent problems are caused by dirty or loose connections. You can also try removing the sensor from the exhaust piping and wire brushing the threads etc.

If replacement is required then it may be advisable to replace both at the same time. I say this because in CAT system with bother pre and post sensors issues with the pre O2 sensor can cause out of band issues with the post O2 sensor going out of band.
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