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Gearbox change oil pouring out... Engine oil.... Punto jtd

Yet another new post from me.. Hi guys

After replacing the gearbox and in the process cracking the sump..
Trying to get it splined on using a bolt across from gearbox to the sump which was rather stupid I was hoping it would pull it in a bit.
On the splines I mean, with gearbox on I then had to replace the sump.
However with the gearbox on not realising there are two smaller bolts that are Unreachable without removing box,
I did get it undone, the sump.. Don't ask how the sump had to be made into smaller pieces shall we say.
Hoping the pressure from all the other bolts might suffice and the rtv gasket upon refitting new sump... Said to smaller bolts were left out
I filled engine with new oil.. Other was already black after just running a short while, then finding release bearing snapped on lugs.
I considered it a flush.. Started it and it's pissing oil out..
I had a feeling I should of changed main seal but found the flywheel rock solid to undo..
I don't see that the oil is from sump and with inspection doesn't appear to be any around missing two bolts.. I know it's not ideal but didn't want box of again..

I would say it must be the main seal.. It's at a state of coming out fast.. Not even up to temperature..
Which assumes it's under pressure, its had some of that seal replenishment stuff in before I cracked sump and replaced with fresh oil.

No oil is in gearbox so nothing to do with that.

Joyfully another new bit to go on and gearbox of I think for the third time as the release bearing that came with a stage 2 clutch was made partly of plastic SNAPPED .. Was replaced for a metal one, I think it was a Valeo part as a a friend had same issue..
So now my new clutch is probably soaked in oil.

I know seal replenishment will be no good on that particular seal and box will be of again..

Questions are getting the dmf of it as the flywheel just turns the engine how to lock it down to get at the seal and refitting seal tips..
I believe a smear of rtv is beneficial around the odd shaped seal..
It is a odd shaped thing and eBay has an fai
Made one for 20.29

If anyone knows of somewhere cheaper or if they think fai is good enough please chime in.

As always thanks In advance..
Ain't life a bitch...

Also if any other ideas for what fault is possibilities,
its coming from between bell housing and block.. Oil I put in was 5w40 and it's far to fast a leak to be helped with thicker stuff.

Long post I know just trying to detail
Oh and of course mk2 punto 2002 1.9 jtd.
And to note this is just sat on axle stands..
Hasn't been driven and yes dip stick is back in with rubber seal and a touch of red hermitite red for good measure.
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