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Question Pls help identify Brava Airbag ECU model!

Dear members!

* I want to clear the error code on an Brava SX 1.4 Airbag ECU
* Using KKL cable and Win7 x86 + drivers from Windows Update
* COM5 port driver setup to minimum delay
* multiecuscan set to COM5, testing interface is OK (connected to Airbag ECU + key on MAR)
* Select: Bravo\Brava 1.4 12V --> Airbag

Case 1: Scan Modules (F11)
- Airbag
- ISO Code: 26 86 80 80 01

Case 2: BREED Airbag (1st option)
- Cannot connect to module

Case 3: BREED MY97 Airbag (2F)
- Connected: Invalid ISO code
- ECU ISO code: 26 86 80 80 01
- FIAT drawing number: 00 46 53 77 77
- SW version: 1.1
- HW version: 1.0
- ECU programming date: 01.07.2053

* Error code:
- 09 - Passenger squib circuit: Value too high: Intermittent/Present: 229

* 1.5 years before I replaced (re soldered) the connector pins in the ECU connection of the ECU because the original pins have corroded and the ECU lost its ground if I remember correctly. Then after a reset at the car shop it worked OK. For further protection I have enclosed the airbag ECU in a plastic sac because of the bloody condensing moisture coming from the heating tubes.

* The airbag lamp lit up after replacing joint of the cable from the alternator to the battery, hence I suspected a low voltage warning and didn't ask the guys in the shop to reset the warning light.

Question 1: My Brava is a 1999 with only *one* airbag, the passenger has no airbag, so this error code should relate to the squib in the steering wheel?

Question 2: Is my Airbag really not supported or have I overlooked something?
Numbers on the ECU casing from top to bottom: 46537777
5WK42700 99902600 C404
Bar code: 99902600A98223441394 33980304

Question 3: Are there any common faulty connectors for the airbag to check? Where do I start?

Question 4: Is this airbag ECU fitted with a dummy passenger squid resistance which has lost connection?

PS: so far I've decided to take out the only airbag (steering wheel) and replace it with a 2.8-3.3 Ohm resistor and try to play with the wiring + error clearing...

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Pls help identify Brava Airbag ECU model!

No need to spam the forum
its a Brava question,so the thread in Brava is sufficient
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