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jtdm 16v 6 speed gearbox oil change

just done a gearbox oil change on my jtdm 16v due to suspecting the last oil refill is thinning down at higher temperature as gearbox rattle is ok when cold but when leaving a dual carriageway and sitting at junction it sounding really bad (not helped by the fact i have single mass flywheel fitted)
and was searching for ages where the fill or level plugs were.
its probably a piece of cake on lift but on drive not so easy.
Click image for larger version

Name:	gearbox jtdm pic.png
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Size:	101.4 KB
ID:	146736
sorry for lack of pics
found some info on eper that there was 2 drain plugs
one main plug below gearbox number 5 in pic( 12mm in hex plug)has a magnet to wipe on top face.
Click image for larger version

Name:	gearbox main drain.JPG
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Size:	1.23 MB
ID:	146738
one at the back of the diff pointing towards rear of car (10mm in hex plug)
Click image for larger version

Name:	gearbox diff drain.JPG
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Size:	1.27 MB
ID:	146739
and to fill I just couldn't find or see that filler plug so ended up refilling via the dipstick hole (which looked nothing like this pic, actually a stubby plastic handle on top of the diff casing) just about visable down the back of the engine but unreachable from above.
so with car up on some ramps at the front, I could feel for the dipstick from below and lift it out and confirmed it was the dipstick via oil and a low and high level mark.
I had some 6mm airpipe (4mm bore) (bigger would have been better as it was slow pumping new oil in)and a 100mm plastic syringe handy to refill so before draining the oil I slipped the pipe into the dipstick hole from above and tested by sucking up a bit of oil up into syringe. cable tied the pipe so it didn't pull up out of hole via pumping process.
removed main plug and let drain into a container(plastic biscuit tin nice size), wiped and refitted plug(no seals taper thread?)
next removed plug at back of diff and let drain, due to car on ramps a fair bit came out here even after draining from main plug.cleaned and refitted plug when dribbing finished.
now poured what oil id drained into a measuring jug to see how much had come out got approx. 1.8 litres and poured that into a waiting 2L lemonade bottle to dispose off.
according to owners manual it should be 1.87L so pretty happy I was good to refill.
manual gives oil spec as TUTELA CAR TECHNYX which I googled and is a 75w-85 with a 100deg c viscosity of 11cst.
replacing this time with redline mt90 again which is a fully synthetic gl4 oil spec 75w-90 with a 100deg viscosity of 15.6cst and is gl4 rated
ive no idea what oil was in there as I have had gearbox of 2 times for clutch changes, 1st refill I supplied 2 bottles of redline synthetic mt90 oil that was in there for a few years.
on the 2nd change I left garage to refill so no idea what went in but it was very dark grey/black like old engine oil.
redline comes in 946ml bottles so 2x 946 =1.892L so it was all going in.
(theres even vx guys overfilling to 2.3L due to 6th bearing issue)
so 20 syringe full's pumped into tubing and job was done,checking for drips from drains after first few pumps.
refitted dipstick and checked for a level all looked good.
let idle in neutral while I cleared up and then went for a drive till all warmed up, seemed quieter again as expected due to the higher viscisity .
will see if it helps at the usual junction where it was real loud.
this may or may not help
usual warnings apply im not advocating using incorrect spec oil and I do so at my own risk.
no idea what sort of torque on plugs so I tried to match tightness they took to undo.(and didn't want to split or strip anything)
for my car set up id rather be a touch thicker at high temperature, maybe at the loss of a few mpg's.
price wise probably 1/3 more expensive than fiat spec 33 vs 22, wont brake the bank.
hope this helps someone in future.
disappointed with lack of pics or vids so heres some more.
video of old oil going back into heroes tub
video of it going back into the 2L bottle
video of some dregs from the mt90 tubs
heres the length of pipe needed id say 1m easily would suffice
heres a close up of the old oil, anyone who knows what oil it is most likely feel free to comment(looks to have a green tinge on the pics)
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2328.JPG
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Size:	1.33 MB
ID:	146749
this 700mm just reached my strut brace so I had to stretch over a bit to to reach, 1m would be better I think
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2324.JPG
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Size:	1.45 MB
ID:	146750
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2323.JPG
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Size:	1.42 MB
ID:	146751
ive seen some cheap 500cc pumps online and I think will pick up one and some larger bore thin wall pipe for next time

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