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Question What 15" Alloy+Tyre for winter?

Hi guys!

Just looking for some inspiration + technical know-how.

I'm trying to plan (and save!) nice and early for winter, and as my car will become my commuter car now, I don't want to be stranded when the white stuff falls!

I'm currently running the 18" Schumacher wheels, but feel this would be a little impractical for winter.

Therefore I'm looking for a considerably smaller wheels to fit smaller (and hopefully cheaper) premium winter tyres.

I'm swaying to 15" Oz Superturismo's, so the change wont look so drastic when I change them over, so what is the required offset for the wheels? Anything else i need to be conscious of when looking?
What premium (Pirelli/Bridgestone/Michelin etc) winter tyres can you guys recommend?

I'm also open to other alloy wheels, but would prefer a more 'closed' face ie. more spokes, like the Superturismo, rather than showing off my pewny brakes to the world!


PS. If I use these wheels say, Nov-Mar, then store them, how many months in storage will they last? How many 'cycles' of that will I get out of them?
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Re: What 15" Alloy+Tyre for winter?

depending on which model stilo for offset, but link below will be useful for you

in summer I run standard 17" with offset of 43 but living in north scotland use 15" with winter tyres and even with budget 'Goodride' winter's on makes a tremdous difference for grip and getting about much easier and safer come the snow and ice, still drive with care but can get out the lane with out wheel spinning or getting stuck that happend with the 17" wider tyres and wheels
As I went for a budget option I got a set of 15" alfa cloveleafs 4x98 fitment and these did have a slightly smaller offset which fitted fine and have had no ill effects with,or with styling obviously choice is yours with wheels and tyres I did have to get shorter wheel bolts as if I used the standard ones they would of caught through the hubs and wanted to keep them for the summer 17" wheels, with the correct tyres on 15" I use 195/65 winters there is virtually no difference in ride level or difference in speedo accuracy.
depending on your mileage but I am looking at 3 seasons at least as with one season gone only a mm or 2 used but will be checking for cracks and cuts before putting on for coming winter and so forth
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