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Total brake failure

On saturday, luckily at 7 in the morning my car failed to stop, again very luckily I was doing about 10mph towards the junction at the end of my road. Hitt the brake pedal, wouldn't even move and pulled on the handbrake for all I was worth. very scary and brown pants moment....
Having ordered the servo and master cylinder, both because fluid was leaking into the car under the passenger dashboard side. After quite a while removing the fuel filter, the glow plug connection, the abs sensor and bracket, finally after snapping a brake pipe, the servo came out. I shoulkd say that I had been losing brake fluid over the last 2 weeks but the local garage said it was going to the bell housing as thats the only place they could see the leak and the cylindrical clutch slave? should be replaced asap. they were wrong as all the fluid had gone past the seals on the master cylinder and had filled the servo until it finally gave way. new pipe today and bleed the brakes tonight. just a warning to every one out there, don't want this to happen to any one else. still keep thinking what if it had lasted 2 hours more when I would have been on the A1 heading north, I dread to think....
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Re: Total brake failure

as a rule of thumb....any leaks or suspicion in the hydraulic system of my car gets delt with properly ASAP, not worth risking ending up in your situation IMHO....hope you get it sorted quickly and easily...
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