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Re: Warning - Abarth Thermostat replacement!

Quote Originally Posted by Andymacselespeed View Post
I have just finished replacing the thermostat on my 5dr Abarth Selespeed.

If you find that your engine takes a long time to get up to tempereature, or you find the temp drops when moving at speed, but sits about right in traffic the chances are you thermostat is stuffed.

In brief, you have to remove the intake ducting and MAF sensor, remove the coolant return from rad, the 5 coolant pipes from the stat, then comes the fun bit. The thermostat. It is held on with 2 bolts, one is easy, it can be seen and got at with ease, one is under the housing, in a position where a ratchet cannot get to due to clearance issues, a spanner cannot get to due to depth issues and your hands can't get to due to anatomy issues, I ended up removing the lower bolt using the socket, attatched to a mini extension with a hole through its side, then I used a short socket extension to loosen the bolt, then unscrewed it painfully slowly by hand!
Just changed my thermostat on my new stilo abarth selespeed. I agree its a horrible job, however the bolts weren't the worst bit; disconnecting the pipes was the worst. I've got breaking those fiat hose clamps off down to a fine art now using a hammer and a long shafted small flat head screwdriver

A tip from my expierence of this; make sure you've got a 13mm offset ring spanner to undo the bottom bolt on the thermostat, it makes it a doddle! I spent about half an hour trying and failing with mini extension bars and spanners then went to halfrauds and bought an 13mm offset spanner, came home and within 5 minutes the bolt was off! Also leave the top bolt in and undo the bottom bolt first!
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