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Sat Nav failure - no reception

For the last month my sat nav unit has not been showing any reception from the satellites and has been showing my location as somewhere quite different from where I am. Two different Fiat dealers have had a go at fixing it but with no joy.

One sent it to another dealer which had a guy who had been on the special Fiat Connect course, the other replaced the internal unit (the bit with the screen) and the aerial but still nothing! They have now faxed Fiat Technical Support but I am starting to wonder if it will ever get fixed. They say the only thing left it to replace the wire that connects the aerial to the main unit which is aparently a really mammoth job.

I'm off to the south of France for three weeks in 7 days, driving down partly because I have sat nav and I'm worried its not going to be fixed in time. Has anyone else experienced these reception issues? The little icon on the screen shows nothing and its placing me in odd places.

Come on people, help a dejected fellow member out!


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I've notice with mine it occaisonally looses aquisition of all the satellites, and needs to be powered up and down to make it aquire them again - looks like a software bug to me. Whilst it has no sat aquistion it used the other telemetry in the car to guesstimate where the car is - I only noticed mine needing a power cycle the other day when it was telling me to turn right in the outside lane of the M25 - it had lost the sat's and thought I was on the road parallel to the motorway.
By the way - some GPS systems, when new, seem to take quite a long while to learn their location, like 40mins plus !! Not sure how long it takes the Connect to sort its self out though.


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Two weeks ago i've experienced a similar problem. For some misterious reason the navigation system stopped working. This was quite curious since without the map cd the coordenates and compass where working, after a few minutes i've inserted the cd and all system blocked. The map stopped progressing and if i click a few buttons all system stalled, the only way to continue was by removing the cd.

After this I went to my dealer trying to solve the situation, crossing my fingeres since warranty had expired. The dealer response, after running the Examiner Test and crossing words with FIAT importer to Portugal, was that i had to replace all system as they couldn't repair it. (my thought: I'm f**ked)

So I went searching on the internet, found this forum, and tried updating the system (in Update CONNECT NAV+ to v9.8 topic) and it worked.

I dont know if your problem is similar, if so try updating the software. In my case i believe it was a memory corruption problem and flashing the unit worked fine.
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