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2.4 & JTD Thermostat Replacement
Published by Artermis
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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the guide on how to change your thermostat.

Let's throw the disclaimer out there at the very start. I've changed the thermostat on my 2.4 today, so that is what the pictures show.

Now I've changed stats on the JTD models before and I know them to be technically very, very similar, so please use this guide as a useful reference for changing the 'stat on your JTD too.

Second disclaimer please note the number of pipes and location of them may differ slightly from that shown in picture depending on model and year. The principle is the same, they've gotta come off the old one and go back on the new one.... simples :-)

OK so tools wise it's fairly simple. It took me just under 2 hours to do the job and I was taking it properly slowly and chatting to neighbours and things for a lot of it, until it started to rain.

I'll apologise now for a lack of picks towards the end, the skies opened and I got properly wet and cold for a November morning!

Some screwdrivers, a 13mm socket and short extension is about the long and short of it.

You will also benefit from having some pliers and long nosed pliers to hand.

You might benefit from having some pick tools to help get the pipes off. I personally used a small, flat point screwdriver and a small flat point, 45 degree pry tool for this. You can get away with flat point screwdrivers though.

Depending on whether your replacement stat comes with a new temp sensor you'll need the (21mm?) spanner or adjustable to remove and replace that too.

Consumables wise this is important.....

You're going to need some more coolant, as loss is inevitable. I used around 2.5L doing mine.

You also need to make sure you have some hose clamps / jubilee clips sufficient for one for each of the pipes you're replacing. The factory clips are not re-usable! You are going to need new ones!

You'll need a small square of wet & dry paper too.

Last piece of advice - dispose of waste coolant responsibly. Do not flush down the drain. It is highly toxic to the environment and will kill your pet cat / dog if they drink any I've bottled mine in an old milk carton - that's how I know how much I used - to be disposed of later.

Top tip: cat litter trays make an excellent cheap and easily sourced drip tray.

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