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Thumbs down White Punto on the A422, near Ettington [KM** VEK]

Thanks for driving so dangerously. Three feet from the car in front, at 55 mph, is not a safe distance. And going round corners -- as well as swerving all over the road, because you only have one hand on the wheel... -- on the wrong side of the road is not clever, either.

I slowed down, because I've had to have my neck rebuilt because of three other pillocks like you; and I really don't want to have to go through that again.

"Only a fool breaks the two-second rule." If you don't understand, I suggest you go and do an IAM course, and learn to drive safely, sensibly, and within the speed limit -- which is a maximum, not a target to be exceeded.

Just in case you believe I was in the wrong (which I'm sure you do): when I first saw you, you were several hundred yards behind me, understeering (on the wrong side of the road -- which was greasy from the recent downpour), out of control, and rapidly gaining on me (when I was doing just under 60 mph in a NSL zone -- single carriageway). I slowed down to 50, to let you pass: but you insisted on driving so close, I couldn't see the front of your car. Next time, please do this to an unmarked police vehicle.

PS: You're the reason I have a dash cam....

PPS: It's not like I didn't give you written warning, either... (although, obviously, you shouldn't actually be close enough to read it...).


1990 Panda 750L Formula '90: Pippin (26,131 miles; 47.18 mpg)
2009 Panda 1.2 Eleganza Dualogic: Pandora (55,670 miles; 47.87 mpg)
2002 Punto 1.2 16v ELX Speedgear: Priscilla (100,465 miles; 41.30 mpg)

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