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Re: Lancia & Alfa Romeo sections

I can see the thinking & reasoning behind having the "non Fiat" section split into the car makes and it would be a nice idea.....

But on the other hand I can see the other side of the coin too - It's the Fiat Forum - the FIAT bit gives it away and the amount of work that would go into keeping it tidy would be too time consuming.

I'm glad that the Non Fiat section is there, I find it interesting to read and have posted in there myself. Just because you may not have a Fiat as your main drive doesn't make you a bad person IMO

I believe that we should as a forum be open to ideas from all members - If the mods decide to take them ideas on board is another thing
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Re: Lancia & Alfa Romeo sections

I think the site is fine the way it is, splitting up sectons for different non-Fiat is a waste of time and resources for such a small amount of activity it gets! And as already pointed out, it is a Fiat forum!
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