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Vibration at 30mph

Hi Everyone.
My sedici seems to be having a midlife crisis and falling appart.
But my main problem here today is a vibration at 25 to 35 mph.
I have just had four new tyres and balanced, so it shouldn't be that.
I'm thinking prop shaft!
I cant feel any play in the joints.
Has anyone changed the joints?
They seem to be fixed in without circlips etc.
I watched a youtube video where a guy cut the old ones off and hammered in new ones.

Also the clutch release bearing is really noise when under slight pressure.
Whos had the box out on one of these and how tricky was it.
I worked on Mazda and Hyundai for 10 years a qualified mechanic, but gearbox out with out a ramp seems like hard work to me.

Any ideas on all of this

Thanks all

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Re: Vibration at 30mph

Hi, Alan

Had this on my wife's car and it was one UJ on the prop shaft which had seized. My local propshaft specialist fitted a new one for £90 (D&F propshafts in Leeds).

One bit of advice they gave me is not to put too much sideways stress on the central "wobbly bit". They had bound it up securely when they handed it to me and said to leave that on until the shaft was on the car. Apparently, there's some sort of grease seal that can get damaged by metal edges if you're too rough with it.

Don't have a clue about the second part of your enquiry, sorry.

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