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Internittent electrical fault on 04 scudo.

Hi everyone Welshspark here and Im a newbie on fiatforum.

Apart from my 04 1.9d (non turbo) scudo I have also owned a 99 1.9d (non turbo) peugeot expert which I believe is Identical, as citroen/peugeot were the original manufacturers of these vans and have given fiat a deal to stick their badges on them. Somebody wrote that off my expert so I now own a scudo.

If anyone can give me help with this glitch Id be very gratefull.

Got a problem with my van its an 04 Fiat Scudo 37000 miles on the clock, My van has the 1.9 Diesel (non turbo) standard engine that theyve been using in these for years.

Here goes.
It happened on some damp misty mornings back in January, but hasnt happened at all since then, but I would like to know the cause anyway just in case.

When I start the engine I can here a quick tick,tick,tick,tick sound and the digital display on my dash which is permanantly lit flickers in time with the tick,tick,tick sound. (Now my old peugeot expert also did this but I never experienced any engine performance problems to go with it) My Scudos courtesy light, headlamps, pretty much everything electrical pulses in time with the sound. Even the start relay for the glow plugs on the left hand side of the engine bay had a tick,tick,tick sound coming from it, if you put your finger on the relay case you could feel it too.

On the last 2 occasions this has happened my engine idle speed was also affected, it dipped slightly and then levelled off a couple of times, whilst this sound was happening. After the engine had been running for 2 or 3 minutes on my driveway it was fine again. However, If I drive off immediately whilst it is happening the engine runs ok but the performance is affected slightly, on an open road it feels like the engine is slowing and rising very slightly on its own, regardles of me keeping a constant speed on the accelerator. After I have driven a mile or two it stops. My first thoughts on this fault were damp in the Alternator? Could this be the case?

Spoke to an auto spark recently who said it sounded like over-charging. Caused by a faulty electrical component or possibly the alternator. He didnt elaborate too much, but could he be right?
Oh and will it damage anything else electrical on the van?

Ive checked everything I can see under the bonnet like, the main fuse box cover is on tight, all earth connections to the bodywork are solid and clean, the connection to the alternator is good and all wiring harnesses are undamaged. As the van is only 4 years old I cant understand what it might be, It doesnt affect the van too much, but it is annoying and if I can get it sorted I woud like too.
Also will using WD40 on the alternator cure this glitch?

If anybody can help me on this one Id be extremely grateful.

Cheers for any future inputs on this thread
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