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How To Get Speed Camera Updates On Your Sat Nav

There seems to be alot of people asking where and how to get hold of speed camera updates for their sat nav.

First of all it might be an idea to tell you all how speed cameras work on a GPS device.

What are Speed Camera Files?

As you may (or not) know on most new sat nav systems there are POI's (points of intrest),

these are usually petrol stations resturaunts, hotels, that kind of thing. and they come bundeled with your unit, and more can be downloaded.

the actual file basically holds GPS data the name, and a reference to an image.

for example one poi of burger king in borehamwood might show:

Name = Bugerking
Lat = 96325563732
Long = 25254050948
Logo = BK.BMP

the unit will then know to show image "BK.BMP" on the map at the point shown. and name it "Burgerking".

Now bare in mind that excluding mobile cameras, which by definition are mobile... 90% of speed cameras are fixed, so all people do is make POI's for speed cameras, but instead of showing burgerking, it will show SPEEDCAMERA.

Where do i get the files from?

There are actually many places, depending on which unit you own. for example. if you own a tomtom unit you can go to then select products, speed cameras, download...

and a similar set up with Garmin, and almost all other manurfacturers.

Now bare in mind that companies arn't simply going to give these away, they WILL charge you for them.

Usually between 20 and 40 a year.

then during that year period you can update as many times as nessasary.
For example if you bought the speed camera updates on the 21/2/07 you will not be able to update and more after the 21/2/08 but you could in theory have updated 300 times during that period.

the other option are 3rd Party companies like Pocket GPS, who for 2 you can have access to their database.

How do in install the Updates?

Instalation is simple enough, just copy and paste in to the folder where your POI's are held. (different for all brands to consult your manual )

I hope this helps some people.

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Re: How To Get Speed Camera Updates On Your Sat Nav

There will be more advice posted in this section soon so keep checking back
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