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Parts book 2021-11-24

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A PDF version of the parts diagrams from V84 of ePer Copyright(c) 2011, Fiat Automobiles. The PDF's are produced using code that is Copyright(c) 2021, Chris Reynolds.

The whole document can be downloaded as a single PDF or there is a ZIP file containing a PDF per section which might make printing a little easier.

The source code for the utility to create the PDF's is available under the MIT licence at

The code is a little rough and ready and I'll probably do work to tidy it up over time.

I've done a reasonable level of checking that the documents are correct but I'd double check against an online version of ePer before ordering a part. If you do find any issues or have ideas for enhancements then please send me a message.

The utility can work for any of the models on the v84 database so if you want a parts guide for another model then let me know and I'll generate the PDFs.
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