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Wiring changes in latest facelift model

Is there anywhere that new releases by motor manufacturers would post, to notify service techs or anyone about changes made during body style alterations that also involve electrical dept upgrades?

I now have a Pioneer FH-S820DAB radio in my Qubo WITH a CD player again - yay.

I needed to purchase a 2-DIN kit for the fascia and the wiring harness to accommodate the steering wheel controls. A weekend spent carving a hole in the dashboard and fitting the cage to hold the radio (with much adapting to make tabs in the sides which married to the mounting screw positions left and right.) The lower two went in the 'modifications'.. I was finally able to make it sit in the right place.

However, the harness, with a small PCB to tell the CANbus that there is a radio there needing comms with the steering wheel buttons, had no indicator lights 'on' to show that juice was getting to it. The fascia kit, harness etc. were supplied by InCarTec who produce a vast range of gear to accommodate all types of audio upgrades plus radio head units and amps.

I had a lot of assistance from Laurence at MaxSound in the installation and connecting up (which to this point had only produced a silent radio and no lights.) Eventually I sought tech help from one of his guys who works in Hull. Adrian came out and had the radio going in about 5 minutes but as Laurence had said, there was a chance I'd not have the steering wheel controls because a switched live was missing from the end loom hence the 'no lights' on the PCB.
Now, as InCarTec sell a loom specifically for the Qubo in its current incarnation (i.e. post 2009) then they are confident it's the same wiring now as in 2009 and their gizmo worked and kept the steering wheel controls active. The problem is, something has changed. I can't get a switched live to the harness - at least in the position that it probably should be in to get to the CANbus PCB.
The era of the CANbus means there's no ACC position on the ignition switch. It's off or it's ignition to start and that's it. CANbus is there to reduce the number of wires in a car (allegedly) but it can cause a lot more problems than it creates..

How do I get round this issue? Any ideas? Wiring diags these days are like a foreign language to me (even if I knew where to find one) but add in the complication of CANbus and it's a specialised area.

If anyone knows more on this I'd like to know - as would the tech chap who came to sort me out.
Even with his knowledge, I can have the radio come on with the ignition but I can't have it one without the igntion on. I can join the red and yellow together on the radio harness and link that pair to the yellow on the car side, then I have to turn it on and off each time I get in. They call this progress?

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